Orion: Hydro-Electric Energy Equipments


Turbines are designed to run for decades with very little maintenance of the main elements; overhaul intervals are on the order of several years. Many different types of turbines have been designed over the years for achieving greater efficiency and turbine selection is based on available water head. Francs turbines are most widely used among water turbines. Kaplan turbine is most appropriate for operation with a low head and a large amount of discharge as it has adjustable runner blades. Pelton wheels are widely considered to be the most energy-efficient alternative among water turbines.

Orionís services include the fabrication of high-energy water turbines with its technical milieu and proficiency in the energy industry.

Penstock Pipes

Penstock pipes are large diameter, high pressure pipelines that controls water flow to a hydraulic device. The most essential quality of any successful pipe joint is pressure tightness at all times. To remain tight, the joint must maintain a constant seal under all conditions of pipe movement, including vibration, deflection movements of the pipe, expansion and contraction, leverage action of the pipe on the joint, etc. These forces exert stresses on the pipe and the joint, but if the joint properly flexes in accordance with external forces, harmful stresses are prevented. This flexing occurs by the use of couplings and the the penstock or pipe line becomes a series of independent sections that can flex like the vertebrae of a snake.

Orion can fabricate these large diameter pipes for hydroelectric devices as required.

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