Orion: Oil & Gas Energy Equipments

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks, both above ground and below ground are manufactured with capacities of more than 30 KL with fixed foam system for fire protection, if required. Design and associated civil works are also carried out. Orion has supplied a wide range of Storage tanks to major oil companies across India including IOCL, chemical and fertilizer companies for the storage of petroleum products.

Cross Country Pipelines

Single or multiple pipelines are laid for kilometer spans carrying petroleum products. Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement/Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Testing, Painting, Insulation, Commissioning Assistance are carried out. Across-the-road structures are fabricated and erected as part of the project. Laying of concrete platforms and associated civil works are also carried out. Our marquee pipeline project was double pipelines carrying Naptha and Furnace oil laid over a distance of 8 km from the Tuticorin harbour to SPIC. The entire stretch was pressure-tested in one go and passed.

Related Civil Works

Orion also undertakes the heavy civil works that are a part of every storage tank or pipeline transport. For the latter, depending on the mass , pressure and intrinsic properties of the fluid, the construction project not only covers the civil work to lay the pipeline and build the pump/compressor stations, it also has to cover all the work related to the installation of the field devices that will support remote operation.

Civil earth works are carried out in the case of underground pipelines.


Orion offers design and fabrication of premium quality industrial strainers and filters such as Basket, Duplex, Y type, conical and self-cleaning strainers for increased life of pumps, valves and other flow control devices.

Pressure Vessels

Orion has been involved in the manufacture of pressure vessels from the year 1978. Note worthy is the manufacture of plate formed vessels with wall thickness of 63 mm and 100% radiography, using materials such as SA 515, Gr. 70. Pressure vessels of weight 190.682 MT were manufactured for Mobil, Nigeria under L&T.

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