Orion: Thermal Energy Equipments

Oil Coolers

Oil coolers are heat exchangers that are specifically designed for the transfer of heat, or thermal energy, by carrying the oil through cooling units in order to cool. Oil is an electrical insulator enabling use inside of or in direct contact with electrical components. In addition, oil can be used to cool items 100C or higher; unlike water which has a much lower boiling point.

Orion Energy Equipments specializes in the manufacture of oil coolers, Inter-Coolers, After-Coolers, Hydraulic Coolers, Air Blast Oil Coolers, etc. for hydraulic oil systems and waste heat recovery applications.

Retubing of LP Heater

Orion also undertakes jobs of Reconditioning, repairing and retubing of l.P. Heaters, h.P. Heaters, economiser coils/blocks, finned tube heat exchangers and specialized jobs involving Boiler feed pumps, Coolers for Generators, Air Heaters, Oil Coolers etc.

Retubing of Condenser

Orion Energy has perfected Condenser services over many retubing projects, focusing on safety, quality of workmanship, and reduced outage durations. Our condenser retubing services include Tube removal, Tube installation, Tube sheet repair, Scrap tube recovery, Tube removal (detubing) for modular replacement/replacement tube bundles.

Coal Nozzle Tips SS

Dimensionally accurate, Orion manufactures Coal Nozzle tips made of High grade Stainless steel customized as per the requirements of the client and complies with various industry standards.

Heavy Structures

Orion Energy Equipments is involved in the fabrication of Heavy structures for boilers such as SAW beams, columns, girders in an average capacity of 5-10 tons per structure.

Flue Ducts

Orion fabricates Flue gas and Air ducts (Square, Circular and Transition), connecting boiler to fan and chimney including necessary flanges, and gaskets.

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