Orion: Wind Energy Equipments

Wind Mill Towers

Large-scale wind farms are connected to the electric power transmission network; smaller facilities are used to provide electricity to isolated locations. Wind energy in many jurisdictions receives some financial or other support to encourage its development. The Indian wind energy sector has an installed capacity of 11807.00 MW (as on March 31, 2010). In terms of wind power installed capacity, India is ranked 5th in the World. Today India is a major player in the global wind energy market.

The potential is far from exhausted. Indian Wind Energy Association has estimated that with the current level of technology, the ‘on-shore’ potential for utilization of wind energy for electricity generation is of the order of 65,000 MW. The unexploited resource availability has the potential to sustain the growth of wind energy sector in India in the years to come.

Orion Energy Equipments is involved in the manufacture and supply of high capacity wind mill towers, lattice(structural rolled sections) and tubular(plate formed structures).


Nazzle frame is a structure, which is fabricated and machined which are fitted with reduction gearbox, motors, Fans etc., It is the main structure which carries the entire load of the power generation equipment. Before machining the final component, these structures are stress relieved as per international codes of manufacturing.

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